Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 29: I guess we're really gonna do this thing!

Just a quick post this week---we are nervous, excited, probably overeating and underhydrating, and getting in those last few runs. It is very difficult to look at the schedule and see 4 or even 3 miles; you think you should be running more! But this method is tried and true, so we shall obey---and if my incredibly fresh-feeling legs on our last 8-miler are any indication, the taper is working.

We have read lately about the importance of racing as you trained. We had some concerns about hydration, as the marathon course places water stops approximately every 2 miles and we are used to running with our backpacks and sipping every mile or so (as needed). We tried on our last few runs to stick to the 2 mile distance but found it a bit restrictive, so we are going to wear our packs and supplement from water/gatorade stations as necessary. Two miles for us can be anywhere from 20 minutes to 25 minutes, which is a long time if you are thirsty. This also means we will have pockets for gels, sports beans, chapstick, and bandannas, so we are fully stocked and ready to run!

We are so excited for this marathon and to meet all of our Fisher House teammates! I hope to thrill you all next week with an awesome, fun-filled race report. Stay tuned!

Weekly stats:

Tue  10/16       4.03 miles in 39:37

Wed  10/17       6.04 miles in 1:02:36

Thu    10/18      3.03 miles in 29:29

Sun    10/21     8.01 miles in 1:27:50

Total:  21.11 miles

Thanks for reading and all of your support! Fisher House thanks you too!

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  1. High tide, low tide, even Hurricane Sandy, We'll do it together! xo